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Welcome on the SailanaYacht website,

We would like to introduce our Co. that main goal is to invigorate the Hungarian sailing life. We would like to show the beauty of sailing from a different point of view, and we also like to offer new potentials for the lovers of  the sea. Let us to give you a bit of taste of how we imagine this. We are going to deal with such important things, like chartering, yacht sales, race organization and management, as well as travel management.

Our aim is to create a webpage, that continuously growing, contains comprehensive information, that meets with everyones needs, a site that offers everything in one place, so the visitors do not have to browse the whole web. We are also offering a one of a kind search engine, that helps yacht owners and buyers to find the most adequate boat for themselves.

We offer all for free in the first few months so everyone can give it a try, just after a short registration.

Maya Rcz

Managing Director

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